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Red Paddle Co 2022 9'8 Ride MSL

The 2022 Red Paddle Co 9’8″ Ride inflatable paddle board is the smallest of the Ride family, a board designed for all-round usage for lighter riders.

You’ll get the best out of it if you’re under 180 lbs, but that doesn’t exclude heavier riders. In fact, for heavier riders (up to 210 lbs), the 9’8” Ride makes a great surf shape. Key to the Ride’s versatility are its dimensions. It’s 31” wide and 3.93” thick, which makes it a stable but manoeuvrable board.

It’s a great board for smaller beginners, but because it’s been stiffened with the new Red Paddle Co Rocker Stiffening System (RSS battens), it delivers a fantastic experience for more advanced riders, too. R

Who’s it for? Lighter riders who need a versatile board.

Includes 5 YEAR warranty