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Jimmy Lewis 10'2 Stun Gun Carbon - Masao Light Blue

The Stun Gun is the most versatile wave board for decent to excellent waves. Smooth semi gun outline with it’s soft round pin tail makes it hold through quick carving turns. It has a flat bottom all the way from the nose to just in front of the fin area where the “V” starts and flows off of the tail. With that flat bottom there is no governor on the speed and the “V” bottom in the tail allows the rider to lay the board on rail effortlessly to initiate a hard bottom or top turn. *Note-very stable for it’s thickness/volume

10'2 x 32.5 x 160L
Weight -  No fins as weighed in the shop 19.8lbs.

- 5 fin box set up.
 - Comes with JL 5 fin set. (allows for thruster or quad fin set up).
- Thruster set size- 4.5″
- Quad set size- Front 4.5″ Back 4.0″

8’2″x28.75×3.6″ (99L)
8’7″x29.5″x3.75″ (110L)
9’2″x30.25″x3.8″ (124L)
9’7″x31″x4″ (136L)