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DUOTONE Slick Wing 2022 On Sale 50% off Free Shipping Purple/Teal CC15

The Duotone Slick is our favorite wing for freeriding. We recommend the Unit for downwinding and surf use. The reason for that is the full-length boom is not the best when the wing is used at the hip. With that said we LOVE the boom for freeriding. The extra hand positions and more rigid frame simply can not be matched. The boom stabilizes the draft like no other wing leading to a more stable draft that allows for bigger wind range use and boosting higher more controlled jumps. With more low end grunt and higher wind control the Slick is by far the best dedicated wing for just sailing on San Francisco Bay. The SLS version offers all the same features with an even lighter overall weight.  
Duotone Slick Specification

The all-new Slick is designed around the Mini Boom concept, which offers some unique advantages over other wings on the market. This system gives you all the control of a boom, along with all the benefits of a center strut. You get improved control over the profile and luffing stability, plus a much more integrated connection to the wing itself through the Mini Boom. You can choose between aluminum or carbon booms (see below), and one size fits all the wings.

Dihedral angles on wings are critical, the team spent a long time working out the best angle to offer maximum stability when riding using the front handle. The canopy tension has been tuned to offer maximum power with an absolute minimum of flutter. The window shape has also been refined to provide unrivaled visibility without making it larger than it needs to be.

The Slick is the versatile all-rounder in the range, being the most innovative and most advanced design out there. It is perfect for beginners and experts alike and is the go-to wing for most riders. If you want a wing that can do it all, is forgiving and easy to fly, while being packed with the latest technology, and a perfect blend between simple and elaborate, the Slick is the ideal choice for you.

  • Mini Boom – direct steering with the ultimate grip range (boom not included see below to add it to your cart)
  • Positive lift – easy for tacks, lifty for jumps
  • Fast response – perfect for quick rotations
  • Moderate wing span – easy to handle for all sizes of riders
  • Light, neutral, and effortless on the water

  • Mini Boom on center strut (choose between Silver, Platinum or new Platinum SLS)
  • Light and rigid construction 
  • Tight canopy tension and finely tuned outline
  • Segmented front tube for a rigid center with smooth flex behavior
  • New window layout for improved stretch behavior, weight, and visibility
Included - Wing and Bag
Not Included - Pump, Leash, Boom