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Chinook Carbon Mast 400 RDM 100% XD

The Chinook Xtremely Durable Carbon 100XD RDM Mast is lightweight, stiff, and durable, making it the ultimate high performance combination. We use only the highest quality materials in addition pre-preg construction for to build a long lasting mast. For extra durability high-strength carbon fiber is used to build a thicker wall wrapped in a full length bi-axial carbon known as Roll Cage (a network of off-axis fiber which protect highly tensioned fibers from point loads and impact). Lighten and liven up your rig with durability to inspire confidence. You will feel the difference, we promise!

  • 100% Carbon Fiber
  • Constant Curve
  • 2-Piece
  • Provides excellent reflex response to maintain desired sail shape.
  • Color coded mast sizes.
  • Bag & Shim sold separately
  • Two Year Warranty

Item IMCS Stiffness IMCS Bend Curve Flex Type Weight
340cm 16 63B / 77T Constant Curve 3.30 lbs. or 1.49 kg
370cm 17 63B / 77T Constant Curve 3.70 lbs. or 1.67 kg
400cm 19 63B / 77T Constant Curve 4.20 lbs. or 1.90 kg
430cm 21 63B / 77T Constant Curve 4.54 lbs. or 2.06 kg
460cm 25 63B / 77T Constant Curve 5.27 lbs. or 2.39 kg