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Salt Gypsy 9'8 Allrounder SUP Paradise Punch

If you're looking to cross-train or simply have a SUP for those flat days, our Paradise Punch could be the ticket. 

This is an all-round stand up paddleboard that is functionally suited to flat water cruising but also versatile enough to take in the surf. It's super stable which makes it easy to jump to your feet, has deck traction and a back foot kick. 

I couldn't wipe the grin off my face trying it out in the surf in this clip! Coming from a shortboarding background and having to learn a whole new way of paddling and catching a wave on a SUP was a refreshing (and very humbling) challenge. But once I had a taste of being picked up by a wave it was fun and I was frothing. 

Taking it out on the river was a totally different experience - way more mellow and relaxing, and quite meditative. If you haven't tried SUP before, I highly recommend as an excellent way to cross-train and particularly for engaging that core!