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SIC 7'6 Drifter

Drifter Series

The Drifter model surfboard by SIC sets the pace with a new recreational category of stable and user-friendly boards that are fun for all skill levels.

Confident and forgiving in any conditions, yet fast and maneuverable. A little volume was added to the center of the deck profile, and the rails are slightly more steeply pitched to maintain sensitivity while riding waves, even with the added stability and glide while catching them.

With its TOUGH-TEC construction, the Drifter offers an “Unbreakable performance” that is unmatched by any other board. In ACE-TEC the board is also extremely durable, but lighter and stiffer for more performance surfing. No matter the construction, the Drifter will surely help you whether you are starting out or looking for a board to bang waves in a rocky or reef break without hammering your board.