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NSP 7'10 Funboard Simplify

The boardbag is a key accessory to protect your board from minor dings, UV rays and heat damage. It can also be useful to keep the interior of your car clean (saltwater, wax, algas…)
Padded and designed to perfectly fit our boards, our bags are constructed using extremely durable and heat resistant PolyPro fabric, contain heavy duty zippers, a padded shoulder strap and are ideal for day trips and general board storage.

- Padded cover made of durable PolyPro fabric for optimal protection from minor dings and UV rays
- Relaxed fit to allow storing your board with fins on
- Inside Velcro pocket to store your fins and/or wax
- Adjustable and removable shoulder strap
- Ergonomic “carbon textured” shoulder pad to provide comfort
- Strong colored zippers for durability and style
- BIC SURF sponsor looking logo