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Mile 22 Monster loop single

Multiple-uses! Monster Loops are a storage solution and a gear/transportation accessory. A little extra stability could be the difference between an epic adventure and a highway yard sale. Monster Loops are built to solve gear-hauling problems many people don't know exist. They are also a perfect, protective sling to store or display your boards. Available in two sizes to accommodate anything from a standard surfboard or classic longboard, to your widest SUP, prone paddleboard, outrigger, surf-ski or touring kayak.

Loops are sold individually. Buy one to use as an additional tie-down point on your rack, or to anchor the bow/stern of your watercraft. Buy TWO to display or hang your surfboard, SUP, prone paddle board, outrigger, or any watercraft.

  • Throw one Monster Loop over each end of a kayak or SUP to fasten bow and stern to your bumpers with a set of Monster Straps, or any ratchet tie-down you please
  • Thread a Monster Loop around the crossbar on your roof rack or roll cage to create a reliable tie-down point for extra gear
  • Use two Monster Loops and one Monster Strap to fashion a shoulder strap for carrying your SUP
  • Hoist your longboard into the rafters for long-term storage with two Monster Loops and a length of old rope, or hang it by two hooks on the wall
  • Constructed with 2-inch-wide polypropylene webbing—the same UV-treated material on Monster Straps
  • Hand-stitched, double-thick eyelet design
  • Embroidered logo tab with space to write owner ID
  • UV-resistant, waterproof polyester thread in double-X-box stitch pattern for strength