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Demo Starboard WindSUP Freeride 11'4 3DX

The Starboard WindSUPs: Wind or paddle power

WindSUPing is the fastest growing category of windsurfing, showing rapid development in the last few years.

Attracting new people to the water and following the explosive growth trends of stand-up paddle boarding all over the world, windSUPing has become the new hot trend within windsurfing. As current windsurfers opt to buy a WindSUP for the family and as more and more pure stand-up paddle boarders try attaching a sail to their board, windSUP promises to double the size of our market and bring renewed energy into the foundation of our sport.

Essentially, Starboard’s WindSUPs utilize the same shape and fittings as their SUP models, but add a mast track and a retractable dagger board.

As windsurf boards, they bring back the essence of relaxed, summer windsurfing: sharing windsurfing with your friends and family, gliding along the coast powered by a gentle breeze and eventually catching some waves.
As stand-up-paddle boards, they open up the door to the wonderful world of an entirely new sport: paddle boarding. Stand up, enjoy the view and paddle out to sea, explore the coast line and surf the waves.

The WindSUP range offers a variety of models and technologies.

The Electric WindSUP models are fitted with retractable daggerboards that can also be completely removed with a click. We recommend the daggerboard to be extracted for windsurfing in light winds, to help the board track upwind and prevent drifting. The daggerboard should be fully retracted in stronger winds where an extracted daggerboard would otherwise make the board difficult to control. The daggerboard should be fully removed for paddle use, to save weight.

The ASAP models are built in Starboard’s ultra-strong ASAP construction, with a thermo-EVA rail finish for user friendliness and added durability. The ASAP models are fitted with a fixed center fin instead of a retractable daggerboard: they keep the weight low and make the boards more efficient for paddleboarding and light wind windsurfing. In stronger winds, the user must return to the beach to remove the center-fin manually.

The WindSUP Freeride 12’2” is a special model that is available in ASAP and Electric WindSUP as described above, plus an extra option: Electric ‘Planing’.

This special model doesn’t have a retractable daggerboard like other Electric WindSUPs, it has a center fin like the ASAP model. Their fin set up, unique to these two WindSUP Freerides, uses what we call the Long Tail concept to offer an extremely nice glide that accelerates smoothly to planing speeds without the skilled technique, the cumbersome adjustable sliding mast tracks or the heavy daggerboard systems normally required by traditional designs. - See more at: