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Kaohi Paddle Belt Paddle Leash

Our Paddle is one of your most valuable tools on the water.

Nothing ruins your day on the water more than chasing down a wayward paddle, or worse yet, losing a paddle for good.

Control your paddle and board while foil boarding, SUP surfing or fishing with the Paddle Belt™
- Snug the Paddle Belt™ around your waist
- Insert paddle handle through Paddle Belt Loop
- Secure adjustable slider down TIGHTLY against paddle
Tight Loop = Secure Paddle
- Release paddle from Paddle Belt™ while paddling or surfing
- Do not use in the impact zone of any wave; see notices

Paddle Belt™ design:

Quick slide mechanism secures paddle leash around neck/knob of paddle
Made of comfortable, high quality nylon construction
Use year round over board shorts or wetsuits
Belt adjusts best on hip/waist sizes 28" through 43"
Patent Pending
Light duty belt