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Duotone Echo Wingsurfer Without Boom

Outselling many other brands, the dynamic concept of the Duotone Echo features a boom, window and battens offering a superior experience.

For 2020, Duotone's design team has worked hard to enhance your feelings on the water and above it! A huge advantage of the Echo compared to softer wings, is its super stiff profile, achieved by the boom, battens and the new draft control rope.

Requires: Duotone Foil Wing Boom and Wrist Leash ( NOT INCLUDED )
Echo Boom - 115-171 Get it here for all wings under 5m
Echi Boom - 141-201 - Get here for all wings 5m and up

Get a leash here 

PUMP NOT INCLUDED - We recommend this pump.

• Easy handling
• You choose the position of your grab on the boom, even if it
is just a few milimeters
- Easily sliding hands to the correct position allows the
rider to more easily balance load on arms perfectly.
• Stable/stiff feeling of the wing, no flexing
- More solid connection to the wing and thus more
effective pumping
• Compatibility with every wing size due to length adjustment
- One size boom fits all sizes of Duotone Foil Wings
- Saves weight, bulk and cost
• Our first prototypes had (like the Duotone iRig) an inflatable
strut (or struts) and webbing handles. We quickly evolved to
a version in which the inflatable center strut was enhanced
with a pvc tube (boom) that attached to the strut.

• of roll stability, which is helpful for keeping the lower wingtip
out of the water (the most common difficulty for beginners)
and for stabilizing the wing during both straight-line riding
and transitions

• This roll stability is most obvious when the Foil Wing is shee-
ted in a bit or a lot, so the rider can always get better sta-
bility by pulling in with the back hand. If the wind is strong,

just put the Foil Wing overhead (it will never just lift you up
the way a kite will) and sheet in a bit for great automatic
• Balanced dihedral angle opted for a good blend of power
and stability.

• Windows, of course. Alan Cadiz (HST), who was an early ad-
opter, an early master of the sport, and is the master instruc-
tor, insisted on big windows. They‘re super helpful whether

you‘re cruising around in traffic or surfing swells downwind.