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SUPreme Unisex Contour Poly SUP Paddling Pants

The SUPreme™ Platinum polyolefin Contour™ pants are designed for warm water conditions. As the name implies these pants contour your lower body with SUPreme’s exclusive Platinum polyolefin. These breathable pants feature Duratex® knee pads and provide the durability to hold up in the most demanding conditions, while at the same time provide great flexibility and comfort. Platinum polyolefin is soft, ultra stretchy and provides a cozy microfleece lining. PP will not absorb water so it dries ultra fast. Since PP is a solid core fabric it will not fade in sunlight or chlorine and will maintain it reflective luster for life. PP is also antimicrobial so it will not develop a “funk” should you be unable to rinse it between uses. The PP Contour™ pants are perfect for midsummer outings where wicking, moisture management and UV shielding is a foremost consideration. A high back waist design makes certain there is significant overlap between the Contour™ pant and Reach™ jacket to provide complete coverage even in extreme torso forward positions. A side mounted drawstring waist with barrel lock will stay out of your way while keeping the pants positioned properly.


  • 100% ultra soft Platinum polyolefin construction
  • Duratex® 4-way stretch knee pads
  • Microfleece interior
  • Extended hi back waist for maximum coverage
  • Barrel lock drawstring waist
  • Breathable and fast-drying
  • Non-fading and anti-microbial
  • Durable and non-chafing flatlock construction
  • Ergonomic paddle specific pattern and fit
  • 50+ UV Shield