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PKS Smart Wing Leash System

PKS Smart Wing Least System

The PKS Smart Wing Leash System includes the PKS Smart Cuff, a wrist cuff with multiple "locking" features to ensure the leash is not inadvertantly pulled off your wrist. The Elite Universal leah line with locking Larks Head Loops and the PKS Quick Connect Pigtail for quick and easy connections to any wing.

PKS Smart Cuff Wrist Leash Cuff:
The PKS Smart Cuff is a purpose built Wrist cuff for wingboarding that has two different "locking" features. The first is a low profile "tounge" that keeps the velcro closure flat and even help to prevent anything getting under it and opening the wrist leash. The second is an over lock velcro closure that closes across the main velcro strap to prevent the wrist cuff strap from inadvertantly being opened.

PKS - Elite Universal Wing Leash:
The PKS Wing Leash is made using heavy duty 3/16" Spectra hollow core line with high elasticity bungee line inside.  The ends have 7/64th spectra line that has been wrapped and sewn in place creating a locking larks head for the ultimate strength, security, and versatility. By using the 7/64" spectra line for the loops, you are able to easily connect to multiple wing or harness connection types sush as hand shake,  larks head,  or ring connections. This combination gives you strength, versatility and ease of use.

PKS Leash Quick Connect Pigtail With Stopper Ball:
Designed to be used with Wing leashes for a quick connect and removal from one wing to another. No need to have a leash for every wing, just easily move your leash from wing to wing using the Quick Connect pigtail with stopper ball.