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Starboard Pocket Tour 9'6 x 29.5


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This is one cool board. With plenty of volume and float in a super small package. Don't let the short length fool you. This board has great glide. With a special bottom designed for stability and performance there simply is nothing else like it on the market. If you want a great kids board that adults will enjoy too you can not beat this board. We are pounding on the table on this one. Get one.

Shorter length is more manueverable on the water, while maintaining speed, tracking and stability.

Also lighter and more manageable to transport for riders up to 90kg.

Equipped with two bungee tie-downs to carry extra gear and four FCS inserts for installing camera.

The aft fin box supports great tracking, reducing the amount of times you have to switch sides when paddling.

Available in Wood, Starshot (See page 15) and Hybrid Carbon Technologies (See page 61).

Bottom shape: “Round V double concave mid-section to deep V concave tail”

The slender nose pierces through small chop while volume distribution in the rails and concave bottom shape provides the buoyancy for fast glide and stability.