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Slingshot Freestyle 115 - Cosmetic Scratch


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Airstrike Freestyle 115. BRAND NEW. The smallest shipping scratch that does not need any repair. 

Foiling freestyle is here and Slingshot is leading the way with dedicated freestyle shapes. The NEW Freestyle at 115L, is the go-to board for wave sailors, freestylers or anybody who demands a centered footstrap position for full control of both rails. The thick skimboard shaped outline packs a ton of volume in a compact size. The Freestyle offers easy uphauling and plenty of float to get you up on the foil in the lightest breezes. Featuring both a Tuttle box and track mount, the Freestyle 115 allows you to attach almost any foil and place the lift exactly where your style dictates. A centerline 3-footstrap option provides for controlled wave riding and switch stance freestyle moves. Opting for the more outboard, 4 strap configuration provides great upwind and downwind angles. If you want to ride waves, pull the latest freestyle tricks, or you simply enjoy the control of 3 inboard straps... the Freestyle 115 will allow you to play in unbelievably light winds

Includes Straps and mounting hardware.