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DEMO SIC Mangrove 10'6 Dragon Fly

The all NEW Mangrove fits a wide range of paddlers looking for a stable platform for a variety of uses. This stability is provided by the Mangrove’s flat bottom and full rails. Its rounded bow glides effortlessly in flat water, cuts through chop with ease and provides a softer ride.

10ft 6 x 32 - 250l

Like the Okeanos, the Mangrove has a center fin for directional tracking and stability. It is configured with 2 FCS ll Fin boxes on the rail so you can add smaller, low-draft fins for paddling in the shallows, through mangroves or in rocky conditions. These two side fins allow you to remove your center fin, maintain directional control and glide through the shallows without catching your center fin as well as being stable when resting a fully loaded board on land.

There is plenty of decking for your kids, dog, cooler as well as plenty of bungee tiedown options on the deck and tail for securing gear.

The shorter lengths make the Mangrove easy to handle both on the water and off your car. Store it away in smaller spaces or keep it handy on your boat for some spontaneous paddling fun.

If you are paddling for fun, fitness, yoga, or want to cast your fishing line and reel in your catch, you will love the versatile and stable design.


• Dragon Fly (DF) construction

• 8.3” Weedless 3K Carbon Fin

• 2 FCS2 fin boxes to accommodate shallow draft fins (Fins Not Included)

• EZ-Grab handles

• Crocodile textured EVA Deck Pad

• Bungee tie downs on the nose and tail

• Leash plug

• Gore-Tex™ breather vent


DRAGON FLY (DF) is constructed with a lightweight EPS core that is sandwiched top and bottom with an oak wood deck and bottom laminate, which is then wrapped in fiberglass for superior stiffness, durability, and performance.