Arrows iRig One Inflatable Windsurfing Rig


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The iRig delivers an instant feeling of success, since you can windsurf on the very first try, without falling in and without taking lessons.

- Makes learning to Windsurf easier!

- Very light weight: 3 ½ pounds (70% lighter than a standard Windsurf rig) and it floats

- “letter-size” packing dimensions achieved through inflatable Kite-technology

- Appeal and safety of a Windsurf rig with even less risk of injury

- Ideal addition to your SUP as an entry into the fascination of wind-powered water-sports

- Super simple sizing with S / M / L (The correct size depends on your body height)

- “Rigs up” within 100 seconds – no fine-tuning, just pump & go.

- Makes it fun even for experienced windsurfers to go out in non-planing conditions

- Patent Pending

The iRIG will be delivered with a mast-foot that can attach to the mast-track of any windsurfing board. Or you can screw it into the 8mm threaded insert found on many SUP boards. The pump is sold separately, as many customers already have a pump that came with their iSUP, kite, inflatable kayak etc. The iRIG will come with the correct pump adapter to
attach pumps to the rig. Arrows is also developing an add-on center fin and mast base system that allows you to add these features to any SUP board.
Inflatable Windsurfing Rig Size