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Nice Racks Surfboard Angle


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The Nice Rack Surfboard Wall Rack (Angle) is a smaller, but equally strong, version of our SUP racks. These HEAVY DUTY racks are built to support large longboard surfboards. Equiped with quality nitrile foam for soft cushioning and powder-coated for moisture protection, these racks are durable and weather resistant. Perfect for indoor/outdoor use. Sold in pairs.


  • High quality nitrile foam tube cushioning to protect your surfboard
  • All-steel, heavy duty construction
  • Sturdy 1" diameter steel Support Arms
  • Powder coat finish - matte black
  • Branded Nice Rack Logo Vinyl End Caps


  • Sold in Pairs
  • Use Indoor/Outdoor
  • Arm extends at approx. 45 degrees, 15" off of wall
  • Heavy-duty lag bolts are included to provide secure installation